Lessons From a Three Year Old

There are a lot of things we can learn from our children, crazy I know, but as I took a step back today I realized how mindful my son is and so I got to thinking. Today my three year old told his dad he had to get me flowers because he loved me, they had gone to the store to pick up some sausage for dinner and for some reason that made him think of the fact that he had to show me he loved me. Baby J is not the perfect child – he is easily irritated, lacks patience, and often is more stubborn than a cow at a stream on a hot summer day, but he has his moments.

As I sat there looking at the flowers I realized that maybe I should take a page out of his book, so I sat there and watched my child, not as a child but as another human being and over the course of a couple of hours here are the things that he reminded me of:

  1. Be Yourself: If he doesn’t like something he immediately lets you know, if he’s not happy he also lets you know. Basically if all the ducks are not in the right order he’s going to let you know. He knows what he wants, how he wants it, and when he wants it.
  2. Be Kind: When you do have his ducks lined up correctly he more than happily says thank you, he lets you know he loves you just because in addition to all the times he wants something he knows he probably can’t have. He tries to share whether it’s his snacks or his toys he will more than gladly plop down next to you and force you into playing. He is so excited about his new little brother and says he wants to share his room.
  3. Live in the Moment: Baby J has no interest in the clock, he works at his own pace and can’t be bothered by your schedule and appointments. If the PAW Patrol is on TV then good luck getting him to move. If something feels right then he’s going to try his hardest to do it.
  4. Enjoy the Small Things in Life: It doesn’t matter how much money is in the bank or how tired he is, as long as he has a full belly and a place to lay his head he seems pretty content. The child can literally sleep anywhere and is happy with running around or playing with his toys.
  5. Be Thankful: This is a hard one for him. It’s something we’ve been working on but it seems to be paying off, the little monkey I have says thank you whenever he happens to remember—especially if you’re giving him his apple juice.

Just Because Flowers

Today my three year old brought me flowers because he loved me. They are not the most alive flowers (he picked them out himself) and they are not the most extravagant flowers but they are the flowers I am most thankful for. Today I learned I am raising a mindful human being; one that will be kind, one that will show love, one that will be kind. Today I am the most thankful a mama can be.


3 Comments on “Lessons From a Three Year Old

  1. This is lovely! We can definitely learn a lot from our kids, if like you said we take the time to notice. I’m always surprised at how sympathetic my son is. If someone isn’t feeling well or is sad he will run up to them and give them a big hug and ask what’s the matter with them, it’s wonderful to see.


      • That’s so true, I think a lot of people forget that kids are their own people and have their own agendas and thoughts.

        And me too, I can’t stand that!

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