The Role of Maturity

Maturity is a personality trait that is lost on a large portion of our population; it is the ability to deal with situations that are less than ideal in a manner that exemplifies your ability to think and act as a mature human being. As I sit at my desk and ponder the response of normal humans to their surroundings I am baffled by the lack of discipline, communication, and purpose that I am surrounded by. Not everyone gets along, not everyone has the ability to communicate, but when you do not even try to make yourself understood and then blame others for your unhappiness you are a special kind of person. When you think that you deserve something just because you are you I have difficulty regarding you as an adult.

My last week has been anything but pleasant. I have spent a lot of time wondering why, contemplating what actions I have taken to get the circumstances that I am currently faced with. As I sit here and ponder what I could have done differently, what behaviors I can maybe change in the future, how I can avoid similar disappointments I keep coming up blank. I am not saying that I am perfect by any means, I am seriously flawed, what I am saying is that the issues that have been presented to me are parts of my personality that I cannot readily change. 1) I am too aggressive—how does one change the manner in which they respond to crisis? Crisis management is one of the things I pride myself on, the ability to find solutions to immediate issues without the need to second guess or consult with others. 2) I am unapproachable –the reality that others have of me is not something I can readily change; I am not mean, I am just straightforward and to the point, if you mess up you’re going to hear about it, if you are not meeting standards than that is something I am going to expect you to correct. 3) I have an attitude – who doesn’t? The way in which people respond to different situations often leads others to assume they know them.

The conclusion that I have come to is that when someone who is “privileged”, i.e. they continually tell you that they don’t need this job and that they’re here because they are bored the issues that they present you with are often overstated. If you don’t need this job and have such deep issues with me why are you still here? Where is the motivation to be here? As a person I have come to understand that people are who they are, there is no way to please everyone but the important thing is to remain true to yourself (your work ethic, values, personality, etc.). When it comes to being a leader it is important to understand people—to help them be the best employee they can be. Often there is an issue of skill or will, and it is important to know which you can and cannot change. Sometimes, you just need to let people hang themselves, it’s just the reality of the world—you can’t and shouldn’t save everyone. What are some parts of your personality that others have a  hard time dealing with? How do you make yourself more approachable?


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