Birthday Wreath

My little man’s birthday is coming up so naturally I had to come up with a clever door decoration this year. We’re celebrating his third birthday with a Paw Patrol Theme and I’m sure I’ll have a whole post about all the decorations and the cool things we found for that.



Wire Wreath, Wire Garland, Ribbon, Tissue Paper

Step 1: Get Your Materials

Make sure you pick the tools you need, the worst thing about starting a project is having to stop mid-project to go get something you forgot

Prep Balloons and Tissue Paper

Step 2: Prep Your Materials

  • Cut your tissue paper into strips that are approximately 2” by 5” then you need to twist them into little bows.
    • I used 1 sheet of each of the 5 colors I chose (green, sparkled white, blue, lime green, and pink)
  • Unravel your garland
  • Cut however many balloons you need in half (I used 5 balloons, but I wanted color variation – you only need one to cover the little spokes of the wreath)
  • Make sure your hot glue gun is hot.

Step 3: Assembly

  • I like to start on the outside and work my way in.
    • I wrapped my garland in two layers, first the colored stars and then the gold stars, through the top two rungs of the wreath, this allowed me to have lots of color and to have less of the actual wreath showing. I used hot glue to secure the wire when I got about eight inches of wreath covered to ensure that it didn’t move too much and stayed as condensed as I wanted it.
    • Once I was satisfied with the amount of garland I had I used super glue and the half balloons to cover the 6 sections where the wreath had vertical wire in it (the spoke looking things).
    • I moved on to the innermost rung of my wreath, I laid my tissue paper out in the pattern I wanted it and threaded it between the innermost rung and the one above it, hot gluing the tissue paper to itself on the lowest rung so it had a nice spring to it. This was definitely the most tedious and time consuming part of the process where I burnt myself multiple times.
    • Once you are satisfied with the fullness of your wreath you can go ahead and cut some ribbon (or crepe paper if you like that better) and secure it in the center of the wreath.
    • Hang it!

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