The Journal of the Potty Training Mom

DAY ONE: Today was my first full day of the mommy journey – my little man got in a little before one yesterday and boy am I thankful for my sister. She flew him in and is staying until Thursday night, so I have some help while we adjust to this new situation. We had some trouble falling asleep, Baby J apparently is used to falling asleep with a TV on so I let him fall asleep on the couch and carried him to bed sometime around 10:30 last night. Big J cooked dinner so cleanup was definitely a chore. I finally made it to bed sometime around 11:00 and fell asleep pretty quickly. 4:30 AM comes pretty quick, as my husband’s alarm went off I sprung into action, first and foremost my pregnancy bladder is always full and second, this was little mans first night in his own room. As I walked in I knew something was off – Baby J was asleep on the ground. So pregnant belly and all I squatted down and picked him up and put him back in bed, I meandered back to my room where I turned on Netflix and passed out until 8:30, I got up and went through my daily routine, only to hear Baby J calling mommy. He had wet the bed. So bath time and washing sheets took up my morning, we went through the day trying to get accustomed to each other’s routines.

Cooking Baby
Baby J whipping up a meal, apparently moms cooking isn’t up to par.

DAY TWO: No accidents. Yay! We played all day, and adventured out to the river playground in Columbus to explore. Our foray into Best Buy to try and find a TV for little man’s room was not successful. Baby J loves the store, especially the gaming section. He ran around and played as if it was a playground for him. He ate ok, requesting some mac and cheese, which I happily obliged him with. We explored the neighborhood in our Sierra Denali but it was so hot we decided that was an after dinner activity going forward. We did meet our neighbors across the street and Baby J hit it off with their little girl right away.

Library Date
Baby J enjoying his library snacks

DAY THREE: The Library – it’s my new favorite place. The librarians are amazing, they have all these different events that are geared towards children and saved me from having to figure out what to do with a bored toddler for an hour. There were three different books and they even made a flower from foam! It was a Mother’s Day celebration complete with cupcakes, pretzels, cheese balls, and juice! We read a book that I am going to be buying for both of my boys Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, it is the sweetest book ever and I’m trying to think of the right thing to write inside the cover, if you haven’t read it yet I really recommend it. We also read Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney and Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. Baby J seemed to enjoy all of the books, but was not excited about any of the songs or dances we did. He did however love running around chasing the other children who were there. We adventured out to the dump where we brought our trash and then made dinner (my best so far, Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers – even Baby J had seconds)! We even ran through the sprinklers after dinner!

Baby J Sprinklers
Enjoying some sprinkler action

DAY FOUR: We had a lazy day. It was time to bring my sister back to the airport so she could fly home. We did some laundry and made a wonderful Lemon-Basil Orzo and Veggie dish for lunch. We got ourselves ready and headed to the Atlanta airport. Big J drove and we made it there in record time, we decided to do some exploring on our way home and poor Baby J took a three-hour nap, this did not work in mommy’s favor later on since he wasn’t tired when bedtime rolled around. He laid there and watched TV until at least midnight and complained that his belly hurt.

Car Nap
Car Napping at its finest

DAY FIVE: Our hardest day yet. I passed out in the toddler bed and woke up around 1:30 AM to crawl into my own bed. I got woken up at 2:50 AM because Baby J had wet his bed – bath, peeling wet sheets and toys off his bed, sanitizing the bed, and then convincing him to wear a pull up ensued. Finally getting him to cuddle into mommy and daddy’s bed around 3:45 AM. All of a sudden its Baby M’s turn, he apparently needed a snack –strawberries were a necessity and as I sat there at 4:15 AM snacking on strawberries while my husband was still fast asleep I was pissed. I was tired and cranky and very pregnant. He hadn’t done anything wrong; I was just pregnant and doubting my ability to do this whole full-time mom thing. I finally passed out just in time to wake up to my husband getting ready for work, as I dozed off again I realized this was going to be my life until further notice. As 8:15 marked the clock Baby J was waking me up to get ready – he was super excited about Toddler Time at the Library. We ventured back to the library where we signed up for a library card, borrowed some books, and got a whole lot of information about all the different activities they have going on. We stopped for chicken nuggets on our way home and continued to clean and do chores for the rest of the day, including a foray to the store for some ingredients we didn’t have for dinner (this is about the time Bay J decided it would be really fun to run around the store and have me chase him seven months pregnant). As I was making dinner Baby J decided to pee on the carpet, like pull his pants down and wee-wee right there in the middle of the living room. I would not have been angry had he not asked to be brought to the bathroom and then just stood there and stared at me like he had no idea why he was there. As I covered it in baking soda (my remedy for all the carpet mishaps we have),  I wondered what I had done wrong, why couldn’t I get this parenting thing under control. Baby J proceeded to help me whip up a batch of chocolate cupcakes (it was the cutest thing but I couldn’t get a picture since he was standing on a chair and I didn’t want him to fall). I just hope that I might actually get some sleep tonight and that we are done with accidents for a while.


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