Patio Table Revamp

Who out there has a table on their patio that’s seen better days? Maybe its a little rusted? Maybe you’re just bored with the way it all looks, maybe you just have nothing better to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put a fresh spin on an old table.


    • Furniture
    • Screw Driver (or whatever you need to get the top off the table – otherwise you can use painters tape to keep the paint where you want it)
    • Sponge and Soap
    • Heavy Duty Gloves and Latex Gloves
    • Face Masks – please don’t inhale all the dusts and fumes you’re about to be in the middle of
    • Sander and very Coarse Sand Paper – this is to get the paint off
    • Coarse Wire Brush – this is to get the rust off the table
    • Steel Wool – again to remove rust (I didn’t use this but I wish I had)
    • Spray paint (I personally like the Rust-Oleum) – I needed 2 cans to completely cover my table
    • Clear Coat – I only needed one can and again, I stuck with Rust-Oleum Satin Clear

      The Project
      This is the table I had that needed loving

Step 1: Get Your Tools

  • Make sure you pick the tools you need, the worst thing about starting a project is having to stop mid-project to go get more spray paint (just ask me).
  • Pick a color you love, I went with Satin Lagoon which is a nice turquoise color (as you become more familiar with my lifestyle you’ll see that’s a color I go to a lot when I’m looking for change) and a finish you like (there are many different finishes like matte, gloss, satin)

The Tools

Step 2: Get it Clean

  • I always start every project by washing and drying what I am working on. I used dish soap and a sponge to get all the grime off, don’t toss those because you’re going to need to do this step again once you’re done getting all the paint and rust off.
  • Put your mask and gloves on, these should be heavy-duty gloves that will protect your hands from the steel wool (steel wool splinters hurt really bad). Use your Coarse Wire Brush and Steel Wool to get all the flaky paint you can off, follow this up by using the steel wool to scrub any of the rust you can off.
  • Once you are satisfied with the way your piece looks go ahead and hit it with the sander, make sure there aren’t any large divots or uneven spots – spray paint will not hide those, it will however hide any weird colors you’ve got going on. Once it is sanded to your satisfaction go ahead and make sure you wash it down again, ensure there’s no dust from sanding stuck to your piece, ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE READY TO PAINT, OTHERWISE YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF SANDING AND WASHING AGAIN.

    Table Brushed and Sanded

Step 3: Paint

  • Make sure your table is DRY. Spray paint and water do not mix.
  • Put on your gloves and make sure your table is somewhere you won’t be too upset about getting overspray on (grass gets mowed so that’s normally where I head if I don’t have cardboard to lay under whatever I’m painting)
    • Apply your first coat – start at one end of the table and move to the other, keep your spray paint about the same distance from the table throughout the process and ensure you let go of the trigger between strokes, this ensures you don’t end up with paint bubbles.
    • I like to make sure my strokes overlap so that there aren’t any spots I miss. A best practice is to move with the piece, if you look at my table you can see how it looks like its made of different planks, I attacked it by painting each of those planks individually.
    • I waited 20 minutes between coats, when I went back I made sure that when I touched the table it wasn’t still wet, I applied my second coat the same day.
  • Apply your Top Coat
    • Again, please read your spray paint, I again applied 2 coats of topcoat to make sure that there wouldn’t be any chipping in the near future. I applied the first coat the next morning and then waited 20 minutes before applying the second one, I tackled it the same way I had originally – plank by plank.

Step 4: Wash and Decorate your Masterpiece

  • I went ahead and waited 24 hours before washing my table because that’s what my spray paint advised me to do. I went online to try and find some cushions for my chairs that wouldn’t break the bank but would look good with what I had painted. And Voila!

    Finished Project
    I decorated mine with a flower I had gotten as part of my good-bye gifts and accessorized my chairs with cushions. I sat the flower and bug repelling candles on a Berwyn Cambria Tile to add some neutral colors.

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