The Struggle of the Mommy of all Trades

Here goes nothing, welcome to the deep dark forest of my thoughts. As a 26 year old mother of an almost 3 year old toddler living in Phenix City, AL life is pretty interesting. I’ve found myself in a place that I never expected to be, if you told me I would be here six months ago I would have asked you what you had smoked and if you were willing to share because that must be some good shit. In the last four years  I moved my five-foot one self from Framingham Massachusetts to Savannah Georgia to be with a man I wouldn’t trade for the world, got demoted, got married, got pregnant, got promoted twice, had a 6 lbs 11 oz baby boy, left the job I have had since August 2 of 2010 and then left a job I loved ever so much to be a mom – you could say I’ve been busy.   My husband and I lead a life I wouldn’t really wish on anyone. Its one that involves spending very little time together. Student debt, two car payments, rent, mortgage, credit card debt, insurance payments, the cable bill, the power bill, the water bill, the hospital bills – I could go on but I think you get the idea. We’re striving to make a better life for ourselves and our little Baby J and the newest member of our family who has an estimated arrival of July 2018, yet no matter where we turn it seems that we can’t catch a break. We finish paying one bill just in time to get another. From clipping coupons to looking at what we can cut we’ve left no stone unturned, and yet nine days ago I became a stay at home mom and I am determined to make it work — so buckle up everyone here goes nothing — welcome to the world of the Mommy of All Trades, I hope you enjoy the ride. Feel free to ask any questions you like and don’t forget to join us on instagram (mommyofalltradesblog) and facebook (!





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