Bad Parenting

As I sit here on a Sunday a week and a half after I shipped my son to my mom I can’t help but reflect on the freedom I feel – I know my son is in good hands, my mom is amazing with kids since she’s had six of her own and practice on the eleven nieces and nephews she had before she had any of us – it’s so freeing. My husband and I have had time to sit and do nothing, go downtown for a night, paint the house, lean up against a fence smoking clove cigarettes and debate the challenges of parenting today – even in our most selfish moments baby J finds a way to sneak into the conversation. We almost got into two separate fights on our night out, crashed a wedding, and realized just how old we were when we climbed into an Uber.

Life as parents is hard; you are constantly trying to find a balance between work, the kid, the housework, the need for a moment alone, your marriage, and your family. We have a whole month alone together — it’s the hardest, most amazing, stressful yet somehow relaxing time we have had in a while. We feel bad that our son is not home every night when we get home, we feel empty at times but we needed every minute of this “alone time” for our marriage. We have a moment to stop being zombies and start being best friend with each other. We can argue over who’s snap chatting who, what the future holds, who our actual friends are, and how we want to parent. I can definitely say that without this time it would have been damn near impossible to get the house painted (we’ve almost got the whole upstairs area done!) and our books on the same page. I am so thankful for my mother who is dealing with the little hellion that I miss so much, she’s even trying to potty train him for me. I am thankful for the transition time my husband and I are getting while we settle into the rhythm of my new job and the ability to remember what I love so much about his silly, goofy, loving self. I can’t wait to get my baby back and know that we are in such a better place now that we have a normal schedule. I am so excited about the future, I can’t even imagine what the next chapter of our story holds – our night of bad parenting will forever be part of the memories we can laugh about, I mean who FaceTimes their child completely drunk?!?!


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